The Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) is holding a hackathon

15. April 2021 / IVS-Geschäftsleitung

From  April 23 to 25, the MAI IT Centre invites you to come aboard the AviaHackathon 2021 Online!

You will have 3 days to immerse yourself in IT, aero and related industries with leading Russian and international companies and airports.
If you are a savvy developer, designer, product developer, industry expert, if you have a good understanding of coding, algorithms and big data, and/or care about the aviation industry in the new digital world - we are waiting for you on our online platform.
In just 48 hours, you will come up with an idea and develop a prototype solution in the following areas: digital services for airports and planes, airport and on-board services, processing and application of data from drones.
The online format of the hackathon blurs the boundaries and allows participants to join cross-national teams and work on truly unique cases from Russian and international organizations: SoftwareONE, Sheremetyevo, Sheremetyevo Handling, M.Video, MTS, Kronstadt, United Engine Corporation, CC UAV MAI, using modern IT technologies. Registration is available until 22 April 2021 on
Hackathon solutions will be evaluated by aviation and IT industry professionals according to such criteria as MVP, manufacturability, potential, interface, and data handling. The winners will receive money prizes, prizes from case authors and MAI University, and licences for Yandex.Cloud worth 200,000 roubles and GeekBrains courses worth 400,000 roubles. The most active participants will be able to offer their project to one of Russia's leading companies.
Finally, the organisers and partners have prepared special prizes and gifts for you!
Dare to register and take off with us!


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